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Townhall: Picking Up the Pieces: How I Help Women Rebuild Their Lives

Photo Credit: Townhall

After earning a Human Services degree, I returned to Bethlehem House to help with its new Aftercare program, and to do case management for the residents. Many of the incoming women came from backgrounds resembling my own, and I realized that my suffering and transformation had powerfully equipped me to empathize with them, and to help them radically rebuild their lives.

Suddenly it all made sense. I knew God was using my past for great things and asking me to show the path forward to the countless broken women who came after me. And ever since, I’ve fought to be the best possible version of myself to fulfill this calling, and to show every resident what she is capable of. Nearly all the women here have been shocked to learn that I was once just like them. I myself can barely believe that I am now 17-years sober, an accomplished professional working two jobs, and a homeowner with dreams and goals that I am actively pursuing.

The secret ingredient? Recognizing that though the journey is tough, there are people who will love and support you along the way. The first step is quite simply to believe in yourself. That’s what I tell each new woman entering our home and beginning her journey. I will believe in you until you believe in yourself – I will love you until you love yourself.

And the greatest joy of all is watching them slowly discover how immeasurably they are loved.

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