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National Pathways to Life

A Guide for Churches to Help Pregnant and Parenting Moms in Need

Her PLAN has developed a practical guide for church leaders called, “Pathways to Life: A Guide for Churches to Help Pregnant and Parenting Moms in Need.”

We have identified seven basic reasons pregnant mothers in crisis list as to why they considered abortion. Your church is likely already involved in responding to one or more of these reasons – and you may not even realize it.

Bearing in mind your church’s unique personality, cultural surroundings, and often existing ministries, this guide presents ideas and models on how to become involved, or expand your reach, to save babies and moms from abortion.

Each of the seven categories in our guide includes:

  • Section A, Basic: Ideas on collaborating with local life-affirming assistance providers to strengthen the safety net of support for pregnant and parenting moms and families in need.
  • Section B, Advanced: Ideas to launch your own life-affirming assistance program.
  • Section C, Education: Curricula, books, and articles your members, either corporately or in small groups, can learn more about this category.

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