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Christian Post: The Importance of Love in the Pro-Life Movement

I grew up in a Christian home where even though my entire life we attended church, I never knew the full extent of the pro-life movement.

At 19, I discovered I was pregnant. I was the oldest of four and was terrified to tell my parents. I thought that they would kick me out, that I would be homeless, and that my dreams were over. It felt like there was no support out there for me, and the father of my baby felt the same way.

We grew up knowing abortion was wrong, but at that moment we just thought it seemed like a quick fix and we would just deal with the consequences of a broken heart later. We scheduled the abortion and paid for it, but when I went into the abortion room, I started to hyperventilate and eventually passed out. Once I came, I was told I needed to reschedule and come back another day. After returning to the waiting room, I told the father of the baby that we were still pregnant, and in a decisive moment of both fear and courage, we decided we would figure it out together and keep our baby.

Twenty-three years later, I’m so glad we made that decision. Today, my wonderful son is married to the love of his life and working in the pro-life movement. I can’t imagine my life without him or his father, who soon became my husband.

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Christian Post: How Support from a Church, Pro-Life Group Convinced a Single Mom Not to Abort Her Baby

Nearly seven years ago, Maddie Martinez was working a full-time job that she really loved and sought to move up in the company. These aspirations, she said, led her to strongly consider having an abortion after she became pregnant.

However, an encounter with a Love Box from the pro-life organization Embrace Grace convinced her to choose a different path.

Now in her early 30s, Martinez works as the group coordinator for the Hurst, Texas-based pro-life ministry Embrace Grace which creates Love Boxes for women facing unplanned pregnancies. Inside each box is a personal invitation to a support group, stories shared by other mothers, a letter to give the young woman hope, a journal, a baby onesie that says “Best Gift ever” and A Bump in Life book featuring testimonies to offer hope to single moms, the website states.

Embrace Grace distributes Love Boxes to pregnancy centers located near churches that partner with the pro-life organization that offer support groups for women facing unplanned pregnancies. Embrace Grace’s 2021 Impact Report revealed the existence of 663 support groups across 48 states and seven countries.

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Chris Fabry Live: Love Boxes

Amy Ford, co-founder of Embrace Grace, joins the Chris Fabry Live show to share her story.

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