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For Immediate Release: February 20, 2024


Washington, D.C. – This week, Her PLAN (Her Pregnancy and Life Assistance Network) announced the launch of their updated online directory of life-affirming medical, social and material support providers.

Peer-reviewed research shows, 60% of women who reported a history of abortion would have preferred to give birth to their children if they had received either more emotional support or had more financial security. Providers listed on the Her PLAN directory span seven categories of care including financial assistance, work or education, material or legal support, recovery and mental health, and care for children. The Her PLAN directory currently includes more than 3,200 listings across 25 states with eight states managed by in-state coordinators.

Her PLAN Executive Director Autumn Christensen said:

  • “Each woman’s story and circumstances are unique. Ensuring that she and her baby are met with wrap-around support to meet their unique needs is more vital than ever in this Dobbs era. No woman should ever feel that abortion is her only option due to lack of material, financial or emotional support. Her PLAN’s custom online directory connects the pro-life safety net that stands ready to walk alongside both mom and baby, offering practical support, compassionate care and lasting hope.”

Click here to view the Her PLAN directory.

Her PLAN (Her Pregnancy and Life Assistance Network) connects and grows the pro-life safety net of medical, social, and material support so mothers and babies are empowered with the support they need to thrive. Her PLAN is a project of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America Education Fund.