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The Federalist: How a Pregnancy Center Saved Me from Homelessness, Addiction, and Despair

Photo Credit: The Federalist

Once out of prison, I got involved at a local church and discovered I was pregnant a fourth time. Terrified of losing a child to the state again, I expressed my fears to my church community, and they connected me with a local maternity home. The decision to seek help at Bethlehem House has transformed every facet of my life; little did I know the extent to which its staff members help women radically transform their lives for good.

When a mother enters their doors, they commit to loving and supporting her for the long haul. That was certainly the case with me.

Bethlehem House wasted no time in making me feel welcomed, loved, and cared for. They gave me a free place to live so I didn’t need to work and could focus on building countless skills I had never acquired, like how to budget money and properly care for my son. Through therapy and sober support groups, I learned how to have healthy relationships and reject the addictions that had formerly ruled my life.

I realized I didn’t have to be on my own anymore — I had a strong, supportive, and patient group of people that ended up becoming family. They helped me find the stability I had always desired in life and reject the codependency that had continuously landed me back with my ex-husband.

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