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Daily Wire: ‘They’re Going to Take My Kid’: How I Went from Homeless Convict to Successful Mother

A lot can change in two years. I would know.

Just two years ago, I sat in a treatment facility waiting for a psychiatric drug prescription, careless as the passing minutes slowly wasted away. I had nothing to live for. The doctor finally returned, and I numbly looked up, unprepared for her explosive revelation: “We’re sending you home on prenatals!” she announced.

I was shocked. I’d just gotten out of jail, and it couldn’t be possible that a brief rendezvous with my former drug dealer had resulted in a new baby.

Shock turned to panic. They’re going to take my kid. I’d already permanently lost custody of four children. The loss of another one would break me.

As I sat there crying, abortion seemingly my only option, I had no idea that a home called Bethlehem House would soon save my life.

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Fox News: Maternity Homes across the Country Give Women the Courage to Become Mothers

“I just really had a tough time coping with the fact that I had lost my children,” she told Fox News Digital. “I had told myself I would die by the needle and die by drugs. That was my goal in life, once you lost your children, that’s it, you don’t want to go on anymore.”

Francesca said she was living on the streets and committing crimes and with two warrants out for her arrest, she turned herself in and spent almost a year in jail, where she got sober. Almost immediately after she got out of jail, she found out she was pregnant and while she saw it as her second chance at being a mother, she was afraid she would lose her child again.

“My first thought when I was pregnant was: ‘I need to get an abortion. They’re not going to let me keep my child. I’ve already had four of the children taken for me. Like, that’s impossible,'” she said.

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