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Washington Times: Why I Hope the Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

Photo Credit: Andie Pearson

After years of suffering, I finally found healing and forgiveness in my faith and in attending abortion healing programs. I now advocate for women and their unborn children, to let women know that they have options other than abortion.

Thankfully, the vital work of thousands of pregnancy care centers and maternity homes around the country has helped women to recognize that there are alternatives to abortion and that there are support systems in place to help them choose life. If I had known about these organizations and the powerful work that they do to help women in situations like my own, my sons and daughter would be alive today — even if that meant the ultimate sacrifice of giving them up for adoption.

Pro-abortion advocates often advertise abortion as a risk-free procedure. To them, women face two options: To have their baby, and all the economic, emotional and physical burdens that come with that or to have an abortion and forget about their child forever.

Yet as humans and mothers with innate biological ties to our children both in and out of the womb, we must recognize that women don’t work like that. Countless post-abortive women have shared their stories with me, and like mine, their experiences fundamentally conflict with the carefree image the abortion industry depicts. The anguish of losing a child, and knowing that you chose to end their life, is suffocating. My abortions did not bring me success or empower me as a woman, in fact, took away the most beautiful empowering gift a woman has, that of being a mother.

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Relevant Radio: The Myths of Abortion

Andie Pearson joins Relevant Radio’s Drew Mariani Show to share her story of finding hope and healing after abortion. Andie now works to connect and support the organizations and resources that once offered her hope and help.

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