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National Catholic Register: I Had a Dream — and Founded a Maternity Home

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Most importantly, we love all the moms at St. Clare’s as if they were our own family and have nightly “family dinners,” in addition to community events.

Many of the moms in our care come from difficult, traumatic backgrounds and have never experienced such family love.

It is beautiful to see the way the familial atmosphere transforms and softens their hearts and encourages so many of them to give back by serving those who come after them. Their success gives me hope for the future and has inspired my new dream of building more maternity homes across the state, especially in Charleston. I have faith that this will become a reality and that we can continue loving and serving women in need.

After all, St. Clare’s Home itself is a testimony to women who dream.

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EWTN Pro-Life Weekly: August 10, 2023

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Claire, Co-Founder of St. Clare’s Home in South Carolina, joins EWTN Pro-Life Weekly to share the inspiration behind the home and discuss the hope and support St. Clare’s offers to moms and babies.

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