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Washington Times: Unapologetically Pro-Life

From a young age, I chose to live my life as an open book. I knew that, somehow, the ups and downs in my story would benefit the lives of others. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that it would affect over 22,000 mothers, fathers and children, helping them find their own path to a happy ending.

I am the only surviving child in my family. In fact, the first chapter of my life might have never been written. My mother, at the direction of her doctor, was scheduled to abort me shortly after learning of her unplanned pregnancy. Thankfully, she didn’t show up for her appointment.

My sibling, who followed me, wasn’t as fortunate. Neither was my mother. After following through with the abortion, she was never able to carry children again, and throughout my childhood, I witnessed her suffer devastating miscarriages.

After seeing the pain that my mother’s abortion had caused her when I found myself unexpectedly pregnant at 21 years old, I knew that I would keep and love my daughter.

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Daily Signal: She Was Close to Never Existing, but Her Mother's Choice Changed That. Now, She's Giving Back.

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Heather Lawless came close to never existing on this earth. Due to her mother’s medical condition, Lawless’ mom was advised by her physicians and her family to have an abortion.

“There was an abortion appointment made, and she didn’t show up to it,” Lawless said of her mom, adding, “She chose life for me, and I was able to experience the life that I have now.”

When Lawless had an unplanned pregnancy herself, she chose life, and years later when her daughter found herself unexpectedly pregnant, Lawless supported her as her daughter chose life as well.

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