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Fox News: I Am So Glad We Adopted a Very Special Sixth Child. My Wife's Bravery Helped Me Find My Own

Photo Credit: Fox News

It is devastating to think that here in America, and especially in places like Eastern Europe, children are tragically aborted every day because of a potential Down Syndrome diagnosis. Parents are led to believe that “hard” equates to “bad,” and these lies prevent beautiful daughters, sons, siblings, and friends from entering the world.

Children like Rex are so much more than the very small part of them that is considered a ‘disability.’ Their joy, humor, lovingness, energetic spirit, and dignity as human beings are what define them, not a label. They, like every other child, deserve boundless love.

Today, Rex is a thriving five-year-old. Yet, less than two years in with our son, we can confidently say that the beauty of adoption will be our best ‘yes’ of all time.

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