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The Hill: On Dobbs’ Anniversary, Bracing for More Violence Against Pregnancy Resource Centers

On June 3, 2022, I received a phone call from a neighbor of the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center, whose operations I run. I was left speechless at the news that our center had been vandalized — something that had never happened before in my 20 years as its executive director — with at least a gallon of blood-red paint splashed across the front of our white entrance door, and the words “Jane Says Revenge” in black spray paint across the sides of our building.

In disbelief I stared at this threat against our center, our staff, and the families we help, and tried to wrap my head around what motivated the perpetrators to do these crimes. Why would someone target us when all that we offer, day in and out, is tangible help for families — specifically women who come to us because they wish to keep their babies and need diapers, clothes, formula, cribs, and other necessities to do so? 

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Fox News: Mothers Share How Crisis Pregnancy Centers Helped Them Walk Away From Abortion: ‘Huge Enlightenment’

Photo Credit: Fox News

Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center provides baby formula and car seats, as well as approved baby playpens and crib analogues. They are also planning to get their own ultrasound up and running.

“We help them with material support, which is very important, but we also help them with free childbirth classes and free parenting classes,” Durig told Fox News Digital.

“They could call at any time to the client advocates, especially the ones they know, but anyone can fit in if they’re not available,” Durig continued. “… They know this is someone they can call.”

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