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Fox News: A Pro-Life Clinic Helped Her Keep Her Child. Now, She Helps Other Women Do the Same

Photo Credit: Fox News

A Mississippi woman who felt “overwhelmed” with fear and anxiety after experiencing two unplanned pregnancies while attending college now helps other women choose life over abortion.

Da’Chiron, a call center manager at the Center for Pregnancy Choices (CPC) in Jackson, Mississippi, who asked that her last name not be used, told Fox News Digital in an interview that her entire life changed when she was met with “open arms” and a “non-judgmental environment” at the same organization years ago.

“It did get me involved in the pro-life movement, just learning the language of it, the importance of it and the ways that we can support each and every individual as much as we can,” she said.

Da’Chiron said she turned to the CPC when she became pregnant the first time during her senior year of college and didn’t think she could handle a baby while pursuing her education.

They “reminded me that my goals can still be met, even with a child,” she said, adding that the center provided her with free counseling, prenatal vitamins, an ultrasound and whatever she needed to make the journey “a little bit smoother.”

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Daily Wire: An Unplanned Pregnancy Didn’t Stop Me from Reaching My Goals. Now I Work to Support Other Women

Photo Credit: Daily Wire

Just a few years ago, staring in panic at my first positive pregnancy test, I never thought that pursuing my DrPH would be possible.

But it was. Through the support from CPC and my loved ones, I knew that my goals could be met without ending the life of my child. More importantly, I found beauty and grace in a journey that gave me a new life calling, and a deep desire to give back. Each of my children have blessed my life in countless ways, and I am thankful for the people and support networks that encouraged me to fulfill my goals and dreams, even after experiencing two unplanned pregnancies.

Today, when I talk to women who call our center, I am constantly reminded of my journey and those who made it possible. I find joy in being able to help women as I was once helped, and in sharing the message that I’ve learned over the years: You’re stronger than you think.

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