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Fox News: I’m a Mom to 6 Kids – All Adopted. Here’s What I Want Other Mothers to Know

Photo Credit: Fox News

The greatest joy in my life has been standing by my husband as we raise six smart, caring, and energetic kids. While none of them carry our blood, they carry our last name and all the love that comes with it.

More often than not, women are stigmatized for their choice to place their child for adoption. In my experience, however, it was never a lack of love that led women to choose adoption, but an abundance of it. I have seen that it takes immense strength and compassion to choose life for a child and then to selflessly place them in the arms of another, with the hope of giving them a better life.

Because of these courageous women, my hopes and prayers of becoming a mother have been answered.

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EWTN Pro-Life Weekly: Maternity Home in North Dakota Inspired by Gianna and Pietro Molla

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly’s Prudence Robertson reports on the lifesaving, life-changing work of the St. Gianna and Pietro Molla maternity home in North Dakota. Mary Pat, the home’s founder, and several moms the home has helped share their stories.

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