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Christian Post: Finding My Way Out of PTSD and Abuse with a Newborn Baby

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When I first entered the Hope Center, I could feel the happiness and peace engulf me like a warm hug. A feeling I had unknowingly longed for, for many years. They welcomed me without hesitation and helped me to accept my past while working to build my future, one that centered on good choices for my mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Discovering authentic family and friendship at the center made me realize I didn’t have to raise Owen on my own.

They showed me how to breastfeed, baby-proof the house, and soothe a newborn with colic. They provided the physical items I needed to care for Owen, including diapers and wipes, but they also provided the emotional ones — love, support, and encouragement — while I navigated new territory as a single parent just trying to get back on her feet. I had been broken and defeated but despite all my struggles, my newborn baby still deserved care and a loving parent.

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