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Five Ways to Support Local Moms This Mother's Day

Write notes of encouragement

There’s nothing like a handwritten note to show your gratitude or offer a word of hope! Use the Her PLAN directory to find a pregnancy center in or near your community. Then, write notes of encouragement and deliver them to your local pregnancy center for them to give to the clients they serve. Also consider writing thank you notes for pregnancy center staff members or getting a group together to write notes of gratitude for moms in your neighborhood or church community.

Organize a meal registry

Know a new mom in your family or community who is feeling overwhelmed with the adjustment to motherhood? Organize a community meal registry to take one item off her to do list and help her get some much-needed rest. Make a schedule and deliver home-cooked meals with an encouraging note, prayer, or scripture verse.

Host a respite day

Finding time for rest can be challenging for moms caring for children with special needs. Collaborate with your church or community to host a respite day for local moms who are caring for a child with special needs. Use the Her PLAN directory to connect with disability support providers in or near your community for resources and suggestions on how to offer support for the day and help these moms and their children feel loved and cared for.

Reach out with coffee or a home-cooked meal

For women who are grieving the loss of a child or struggling with infertility, Mother’s Day can be difficult. Take this opportunity to reach out. Invite her to coffee or bring her a home-cooked meal to show her you’re thinking about her and are there to listen if she wants to talk.

Thank her with flowers

Recognize the foster moms in your church community this Mother’s Day! Buy several dozen roses and hand them out before or after your church service to honor and thank foster moms in your church community for their selfless love.


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