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Christian Post: Embracing 2 New Lives Rebuilt Mine

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It wasn’t until a few days later when I was laying on an ultrasound table that I discovered the truth. “Oh honey, we’re going to need some tissues,” the nurse told me, in a thick British accent, “it’s twins.”

Panic and sobbing quickly ensued, yet ultimately, I knew that these little lives entrusted to me were precious. I know to this day I could never have gone through with an abortion.

However, even after deciding to choose life, I suffered many sleepless nights worrying about how I could care for two little lives as a single mom. Thankfully, Women’s Hope walked with me throughout the entire process, showering me with love, and supporting me with an abundance of medical and educational resources.

My dream pre-pregnancy had always been to work in the medical field. Thanks to the loving support from my family and family friends, I was able to go back to school when my boys were 6 months old. Though this was one of the most difficult phases of my life, I embraced the challenge and spent countless sleepless nights studying. Part of me wanted to defy the stigma surrounding single moms, and the lie that choosing life was incompatible with success. More importantly, I knew that I was willing and ready to do whatever it required to give my boys a good life.

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