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Christian Post: The Words I Read before I was Scheduled to Abort My Baby

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The night before my appointment, I lay restless, pondering what the following day would bring. I turned on the TV and asked God to show me some sign, but with no immediate response, climbed back into bed, dreading the morning.

At 2 a.m., I heard a knock. To my surprise, I opened the door to see my two friends standing outside, with three letters in hand.

They had filled the first two letters with loving and beautiful words reiterating that while they did not agree with my decision, they would continue to show me kindness, friendship, and support.

The third letter was simply a piece of paper, unsigned and unaddressed. It read:

“In the short term it seems that your problems will be over, or at least no one will know about them. No one will know. It will be private. But in the long term, you will always know and never forget. I know that by choosing to give life to your baby, you risk a lot. I also know, your life will never be the same no matter what you choose.”

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