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Washington Examiner: My Fiancé Told Me to Abort My Baby on Thanksgiving. Instead, I Chose Life

“This is going to ruin your life.” “You have to drop out of college.” “This is a mistake.” “Abort the baby.”

These words, uttered by people whom I trusted and loved most in this world, struck me like a knife.

When I learned I was pregnant, I was 21 years old and still in school. I was engaged to be married, and while those two pink lines came as a complete shock, I wanted to be a mother.

My feelings were overlooked by those close to me. Rather than offering support, my family and friends responded with criticism and doubt. It was Thanksgiving Day, and my fiance at the time told me to abort the baby and that we could “try again after we got married.” When I insisted on keeping my child, he abandoned me.

Scared, alone, and with no support, I stumbled upon the Pregnancy Resource Center of Rolla, Missouri. I sought out a free ultrasound, which was one of the many services it provided. While there, I met Jane Dalton, who served as the center’s client services director. I told her my situation, and in turn, she asked me what I wanted.

I wanted to be a mother — and a good one at that. But I also wanted to finish school and become financially self-sufficient. Jane told me that I could do all of those things and that the PRC would be there to help.

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Daily Caller: Her Fiancé Abandoned Her When She Refused an Abortion. Years Later, She Works at Pregnancy Center That Helped Her

Photo Credit: Daily Caller

Faith was 21 when she became pregnant. Her fiancé and family said her life would be over unless she had an abortion. But when she stumbled on a pregnancy resource center, she found the support and help she had been refused.

“I had just found out I was pregnant, and I was driving by on Highway 72 and I saw big purple letters — ‘Pregnancy Resources Center,’” Faith told the Daily Caller in an interview. “I thought, ‘I’m a pregnant person; I wonder what they do there.’”

The pregnancy center Faith had happened upon was Pregnancy Resource Center of Rolla, in Missouri, more than a hundred miles from St. Louis. PRC of Rolla’s mission is, according to its website, “to rescue children, serve families and to end abortion in America because every human life, born and pre-born, is a unique and precious work of Divine art.”

The center is run by Joseph Dalton, PRC of Rolla’s current CEO and now Faith’s father-in-law. 

“We always have the attitude that no mountain is too high to climb,” Dalton told the Caller. “If a baby’s life is in jeopardy, we’ll do whatever it takes.”

“I remember specifically: ‘Anything you need, we will help you get it,’” Faith said about her experience at the pregnancy resource center.

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