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Townhall: Pro-life Pregnancy Resource Centers Leave a Lasting Impact on Mothers Who Choose Life

“I’ve never been a pro-life advocate. I never was. I was pro-choice when I was in the world. The biggest thing was when I went to the Women’s Center, the ultrasound was free, the pregnancy test was free. But when I went in there, they educated me about abortion services. And even though I had two prior abortions, I still didn’t know very much. I wasn’t that educated on these services,” Evalynn explained to Townhall. “So at this women’s center, they give you the abortion information. They give you everything you need to know.”

“I had an appreciation for that because I didn’t feel pressured to do anything. I could go there and get a free ultrasound, and then when I held the picture of that ultrasound in my hand, I was convinced that I needed to choose life,” she added.

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CBN News: ‘Babies Go to Congress’: Mothers & Kids Share Their Message Pregnancy Centers ‘Save Moms and Babies Lives’

Three mothers, three kids, and a powerful pro-life plea took place on Capitol Hill Thursday.

A group of women met with lawmakers as part of Heartbeat International’s “Babies Go to Congress Campaign”.

Their message: pregnancy centers are great for America.

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Daily Caller: The March for Life Has Never Had to Struggle for Relevance, Until Now

“I think every state will be different, but we have to stop and remember, when we make our case we need to put out there that it’s about empowering women and promoting lives,” Fitch told the Caller.

Mothers who spoke at Heartbeat International’s pre-march event Babies Go To Congress also told the Caller that the pro-life movement can win post-Dobbs if it emphasizes how abortion hurts both the mother and the child.

“It’s not just about saving a baby, because my life was saved,” Danielle, a mother who chose life after discovering a maternity home, told the Caller. “Having my baby saved my life.”

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