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Washington Examiner: Women Deserve to Know Abortion is Not the Only Option

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Yet the care we received at Crossroads didn’t end after the birth of my son. Knowing my desire to continue my education, they helped me apply for the $15,000 Unplanned Movie Scholarship and ultimately surprised me with a reception at the center when I found out I was chosen. Thanks to Crossroads and the scholarship, I am now able to pursue my interest in social work, all while caring for my wonderful son.

I sometimes wonder about the women who joined me in the Planned Parenthood room the day I almost lost my son to chemical abortion. I hope they know they are loved. I hope they have found a center such as Crossroads and that they know now that abortion is not their only choice — that health, happiness, and success can be a reality for them.

Having my baby was the best decision I have ever made, and I would never change it for the world.

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