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Christian Post: Overwhelmed Mother of 2 and Unexpected Third Pregnancy: My Story

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Unexpected pregnancies have been portrayed as the worst possible outcome for women like me, leaving women and their boyfriends or families in sheer panic and utter emotional distress. Quite often the only solution presented is the “band-aid” of abortion.

That type of thinking scared me when I first stood holding a positive pregnancy test, wavering between the soft double pink lines and my two little sons who already required enormous amounts of my energy, finances and time. I knew that I didn’t want an abortion, but I was stressed about how my boyfriend and I could manage it. He had too much going on, and as I tried to imagine the future, I wasn’t sure how we could add another human being to the heavy load we already carried.

Like many other women or couples facing similar dilemmas, my boyfriend and I went to a local pregnancy center called Options Now in Valdosta, Georgia. We’d both been to the center before through friends and prior health screenings, so naturally in our time of need it was the first place we thought to rely on for an ultrasound and advice.

Little did we know that this brief visit would forever change our lives and help to forge a new family.

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