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Washington Examiner: How I Navigated Four Pregnancies as a Single Mother

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Late one night more than a decade ago, I was crashing on my friend’s couch in Tucson, Arizona, worrying about how to make ends meet. I’d been staying with her because my father was in jail, and my mother — well, she was everywhere.

My eyes were red and puffy from crying. Just inches away, I could see the ominous double pink lines on my pregnancy test. “It’s going to be OK,” I told myself. I had faced adversity as long as I could remember; my childhood was turbulent, and after 12 consecutive high schools in multiple states, I had long given up on my hopes of finishing my education. Though it had been difficult with a record, I’d been able to get a job that helped cover my needs, and through the help of friends, I’d been able to put a roof over my head each night.

But how was I, at 18 years old, supposed to bring an innocent baby into this lifestyle? I knew I needed to be tough and to figure it out for my son or daughter. But was being “tough” enough without family, resources, or support?

Thankfully a friend told me about Maggie’s Place , an organization that helps single mothers like me to get back on their feet.

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