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Daily Caller: Bailey Jones – From the Very Moment My Son’s Life Began, He Was Saving Mine

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I can say with complete certainty that becoming a mother saved my life. While I don’t know where I would be without my son, I do know that because of him, I am alive today to share my story.

When I was 18 years old, I left my parents’ house and started down a path of drugs and loneliness. Surrounded by all the wrong people, I moved from boyfriend to boyfriend, spending most of my days under the influence of meth, and most of my nights thinking that if my heart were to explode, it would make no difference. After all the drugs and reckless behavior, I’d wake up surprised to find that I was still alive.

But even though my heart was filled with pain and resentment, I still believed that there was something keeping me here on this earth, some greater purpose that I had not yet discovered.

Soon enough, I found myself in a bathroom, in utter shock and disbelief as I faced two bright pink lines confirming that I was pregnant. Somehow in that moment, everything changed, with the realization dawning upon me that another human life was growing inside of me. Miraculously, I decided then and there to quit using meth for good.

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