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Fox News: Mothers Share How Crisis Pregnancy Centers Helped Them Walk Away From Abortion: 'Huge Enlightenment'

Photo Credit: Fox News

Jenkins said she “was greeted with nothing but love” from the staff at Life First and that it was “amazing” to see where her experience at the center “led to.”

“It was great to feel that comfort and love through professionalism, guiding me through the steps,” Jenkins said. “Not what I wanted to hear, but the education of what having a baby was all about, the steps, the process.”

“They offered support, which was huge for me for making my final decision, because I was scared, financially, we were not in a position for bringing on a child,” she continued. “But, again, with their professionalism and their support and what they offered, it was amazing.”

Jenkins said her pregnancy was confirmed by the center with a sonogram and that her time at the center led to a “step-by-step process” to help her and her budding family with what they needed.

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